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playlist no. 13 - october 2008 - all for nothing, part 3
...159min between ambient, experimental, drone & field recordings...
please note that most of the selected tracks are extracts only
enjoy the full pleasure by downloading the releases!


01. PAWEL GRABOWSKI "coir" from "coir" MP3 silence is not empty
02. ZAC KEILLER "atlantis is dead" from "atlantis is dead" MP3
03. JEPH JERMAN "hindsight" from "hindsight" MP3
04. fp "cendre 3" from "cendres" MP3
entity records
05. NICHOLAS SZCZEPANIK "sundry blessing" from "sundries" MP3
test tube
06. MARTIN CLARKE "music for an urban lighthouse" from "music for an urban lighthouse" MP3
open ear music
07. TU M' "is" from "is that you" AAC/MP3
08. IAN D HAWGOOD "more and more like you" from "a life in abstract colours" MP3
resting bell
09. JUAN JOSE CALARCO / ADRIAN JUAREZ "tierra abierta" from "tierra abierta" MP3
resting bell
10. PAROXYSM OF ANXIETY "the amnesia patient's unknown stranger" from "paroxysm of anxiety" MP3
11. DUANE PITRE "area right" from "a circle and the sound that fills it" MP3
trans>parent radiation
12. NOT YOUR AVERAGE HIPPY "freezer section" from "warm ground dark sky" MP3
earth mantra
13. TZII & D'INCISE "grisaille compagne" from "oxymore" MP3
la p'tite maison
14. CELER "belsslsssll 2" from "bells" MP3
rope swing cities
15. DAVID FUNGI .. PUNCK "garden 23:45 pm" from "location" MP3
16. SEETYCA & ETHEOCLES STEVENS "tension" from "sulphur iii. golden pollen." MP3
17. MARTIJN COMES "trees and light" from "lostitude" MP3
18. VILLAGES "lasting" from "the last whole earth" MP3/OGG/FLAC
19. VANESSA ROSSETTO "gloria tejana" from "gloria tejana" MP3/FLAC
20. KALTE "shallow approach" from "the lanthanide series" MP3
21. TZII "fascinum 2" from "fascinum" MP3


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